• Audio Relay
December 2002 - ongoing
This unit was designed and constructed by the Intermod Series to operate as a mobile audio player that can accumulate and share homemade or unusual CDs as it travels to different locations. Designed to be as small and lightweight as possible for maximum portability, it can store several hundred unique CDs which can be played on the built-in CD player. Other audio sources such as a laptop can plug into the line input jack. A 4-watt transmitter is built into the unit for FM broadcasting. Average broadcast coverage is several city blocks. The Audio Relay runs off standard electricity. If that's not available it's designed to use a car battery which, when it runs low, can be charged using the solar panels or by connecting the battery and plugging the unit into any electrical outlet.

There are two Audio Relays. The original was built in 2002 and has been relayed to over a dozen locations. In 2007 it was loaned to Esteban Garcia and Radio Chiguiro (www.chiguiro.org) in Lafayette, Indiana, for several years and is currently being used by Radius in Chicago. The second Audio Relay was built with a new Intermod design in 2005. This version traveled with 'Beyond Green, Toward a Sustainable Art' which was originally at the Smart Museum and an iCI exhibit. It's now back in Chicago for a check-up before heading off to new locations.

The Audio Relay is a collaboration with Temporary Services. They maintain the library and coordinate the itineraries. If you'd like to inquire about hosting the AR or view their other work please visit the link below. See the buttons below to view photos of the Audio Relay.
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